How much does your service cost?

I offer different pricing for different services. You can view my pricing page or contact me for a quote.

Why do I need someone to manage a WordPress site?

A WordPress site requires regular software and plugin updates in order to remain secure. Sites that aren’t updated regularly are easy targets for malware.

Why is your service cheaper than this other service I found? What's the difference?

While every service might offer something slightly different, my costs are far below industry standard. I keep my costs low because it’s just me; I have no other employees. I also prefer to value client relationships over profit. Rather than taking on every client that comes to me, I prefer to work with those who are a good fit. These days, this means that I mostly work with individuals or small businesses and non-profits.

Do you offer any cheaper website options?

If you’d like a great-looking website with a fairly straight-forward design, there are several cheap options besides WordPress: for example, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, etc. These websites do not require regular security updates, so no regular maintenance is needed. For an hourly fee, I can help you set up a simple website on one of these platforms.

Which pricing package is right for me?

Which pricing package you choose depends on what you need. If you already have a WordPress site, but simply need someone to manage it, you should choose the WordPress Site Management package. If you need to create a new WordPress site, then you need the Custom Built WordPress Site package.

What if I need a new site and someone to manage it?

Many clients fall into this category. That’s fine. You can purchase both services, and I’ll waive the $150 startup fee.